Austin, Texas

Oakwood Road Church and Unitarian Fellowship

Designed in collaboration with Laura Miller and Michael Underhill

Doctor Pangloss

Designed in collaboration with Sandra Fiedorek

Nicolas Allinder

Byron Blattel

Jeffrey Blocksidge

Shawn Brown

Kuan-Ying Chiu

Todd Dykshorn

William Huie

Shivani Langer

Jessica Mills

Jose Minguell

Whitney Moore

Tim Petersen

John Paul Rysavy

Christy Seals

Brandon Townsend

Jennifer Wong

Painting Studio

Interior: Peter Vitale

Hill House in Austin
Interior, tower view: Paul Bardagy

House in Houston
All photographs: Paul Hester

Ranch House in Texas
Corner, central porch, east porch, bluebonnets: Whit Preston
Interior: Peter Vitale

Oakwood Road Church
Interior, courtyard at night: Cameron Campbell

Other photos: David Heymann